About Ntunja

Ntunja Music  production was founded in 2010 by Njabulo the young artist. For the past 8 years the company has constantly evolved and grown as shown by its longevity entertainment industries.


The label is growing in South Africa. Kwaito , House and Hip Pop music has had significant influence on our music and culture since the early nineties. These music led a post-Apartheid township subculture into the mainstream. In the backdrop of a transforming South Africa, Kwaito , House and Hip Pop music took shape in the township of Soweto, at the same time Nelson Mandela took office as the first democratically elected president of South Africa.


Building on our experience in the music industry, we too have managed and produced various successful projects within the industry and events arena. We customize a unique solution for your music related needs by putting together the right people for the job, no matter how big or small.

It is important to us that the money you’re investing with us is well spent and to that end we combine strong production skills with a shrewd strategic approach to help you achieve a successful outcome, whether you’re an artist, a record company or a brand.